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Part 3 describes how after they opened factors conspired to close Clapham and York and establish a new National Railway Museum, and the painful route by which this conclusion was reached.

Part 4 describes the fuss made when York was selected for an NRM and its planning and opening.

The story will be told in four parts, and this note indicates that Parts 1 and 2 have been posted so far.

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There is also some information about various books of mine, plus additions and corrections.

Please regard all this very much as 'Work in Progress'; it is all liable to frequent adjustment and updating.

You are welcome to view the documents and provided you acknowledge the source you may use the information in accordance with normal copyright conditions.

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I have added some blocks below to advise of specific updates I make. Updated 29 November & 3 December Additional south London parish boundary marks added as study extended to Borough of Bexley Updated 28 October After a pause caused by finishing a book I have just added several new parish boundary discoveries during the year. Mike Horne's Blog Updated 1-20 October Parts 2, 3 and 4 of my blog series on the National Railway Museum (York) are now available.

Part 2 describes the establishment of the new British Transport Museums at Clapham and Swindon (the latter, like York, railways-only).

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Mike Horne's Blog Updated 10 August A recent visit to the National Railway Museum at York gave rise to a number of thoughts about the nature of the material being displayed and whether the museum reasonably educates visitors about the development of our great railway industry.

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