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One site was in Pedra Furada, Brazil which was dated between 10.5-12 kya and possibly greater than 50 kya but these dates were strongly disputed by other researchers.

The Solutrean Hypothesis is yet another possibility and this hypothesis is highly controversial.

It was presented back in 1999 by Smithsonian archaeologist Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley.

In February of 2014 DNA analysis was undertaken on the “Anzick Boy” specimen (aka: Anzick 1) from Montana dated at 12.6 kyr.

That analysis found mt’DNA to be D4h3a which is a rare lineage associated with Native Americans.

Of course, the theory was that the Clovis people crossed the landbridge that existed (more than once) between Siberia and Alaska during the last Ice Age and made their way southward via an ice-free corridor that existed at the time in Alaska and Western Canada.

Then in 2011 studies began to emerge challenging the Clovis First hypothesis.

Further, at the Paisley Caves site in Oregon extensive C14 dating and genetic testing has been carried out indicating that prehistoric humans related to modern Native Americans were present at this site over 1000 years before the Clovis people!

Also, at the Monte Verde site in Chile evidence suggests humans were in that area as early as 13 kya an if so then that means pre-Clovis people entered the Americas around 16 kya or more.

Literally piles of bear and deer bones were found at this site all appearing to have been butchered.

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