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"Although disclosure may result in acceptance from family and friends, in other cases -- particularly with female partners -- disclosure may also result in rejecting reactions, which are adversely associated with mental health."The research also suggests reasons why concealment was negatively associated with mental health.

Bisexual men who were more concerned than others about concealing their same-sex behavior also tended to report lower levels of social support and more internalized homophobia – that is, negative attitudes toward their same-sex behavior.

Therefore, many students were very serious about their studies. It is possible that Columbia undergraduates have a higher rate of internal dating than graduate students.

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This causes the house to accept Blair and not Serena.

Later, Blair and Serena trick Juliet into causing a scene and it's revealed that half the board members of Bass Industries are in the house as alumni and Juliet keeping Serena out goes against code.

According to findings, men who live with a wife or girlfriend, who think of themselves as heterosexual, and who have a lower frequency of sex with men were more likely to conceal their same-sex behavior.

Greater frequency of sex with women also correlated with greater concealment.

They ask if she's transferring to Columbia, and Blair lies and says yes.

She loves Columbia, due to it being an Ivy, and because unlike NYU, everyone there reads Gossip Girl and knows who she is.

He explains he reviewed her application that day and despite it going against policy, he tells her that she's been accepted for the next year.

Confused and excited, she tells Nate what happened.

Nate eventually catches on to her pretending to be a student, and advises her to stop.

Jessica Leitenberg overhears and tips off Gossip Girl.

His grandfather, William van der Bilt, disapproves but Nate chooses to go there anyway.

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