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Money is the #1 thing that breaks up marriages -- why wouldn't you plan ahead for something that you know is going to be a challenge?

If one of you has a lot of money that you intend to keep separate, you need to discuss this pre-wedding. I wish I'd had one now because Puerto Rico law won't let me buy property without my husband unless I have a prenup separating our assets. Did the bill collectors ever know your college roommate on a first-name basis?

It's not that he doesn't spend money on his wife or that he denies her anything (they both have good professional careers), it's just that they have never been able to agree on how to combine their funds in a manageable way.

As a result, she is bitter and embarrassed about how he acts with money.

Don't lie about any debts -- they'll find out eventually.

It's a much better idea to tackle them together as a team.

I'm guessing that she and the Italian stallion never had a "let's look at each other's credit reports and swap pay stubs" kind of conversation.

So how do you, as future newlyweds, approach this humongous challenge?

Set a monthly contribution amount for the time up till the wedding and stay on top of it.

You can't both manage one checking account and you can't both use a debit card for the same account all the time or, inevitably, one spouse is going to forget to share a receipt and the next thing you know, everything bounces.

When we sold the house, the assets were combined with our joint funds (everything is joint now), but up until that moment, it remained my property.

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