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Hosted hypervisors, on the other hand, are much easier to set up than bare metal hypervisors because you have an OS to work with.

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Microsoft has also included this feature in any Windows package that has Hyper-V.

Hypervisors have a graphical dashboard you could work with.

This is what the Virtage hypervisor, Virtual Box and VMWare Workstation are classified as. Bare metal hypervisors are faster and more efficient as they do not need to go through the operating system and other layers that usually make hosted hypervisors slower.

So, native hypervisors run directly on the hardware while a hosted hypervisor needs an operating system to do its work. Type I hypervisors are also more secure than type II hypervisors.

It can access all physical devices residing on a server. It can control all aspects and parts of a virtual machine. The hypervisor, in turn, loads the client operating systems of the virtual machines.

The hypervisor allocates the correct CPU resources, memory, bandwidth and disk storage space for each virtual machine.

If you have a lot of virtual machines running on a particular hardware, you will have to get a significant amount of storage in order to be able to store the entire volume.

With hypervisor-based replication, you can choose which VMs and what parts are to be replicated, so that you could save up on storage space.

Hypervisor-based replication is also hardware neutral, meaning you could store any data duplicates to any storage device.

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