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Kaino's Polaroids and Warhol's portraits were then juxtaposed, aligning each of Kaino's cyber-celebrities to their Warhol Superstar-era counterpart.

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She blogs about times and events that celebrities prefer to be kept private, and she lends an innocence to the dark world of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

Her fashion sense is aspirational and inspiring and her free spirit is undoubtedly fun to watch.

Noticing that her fame grew as Hunter's site expanded, she asked him for an "internship", and she and best friend, Maggy Rogow, began doing clerical work for The Cobra Snake two days a week.

It wasn't long before the two were begging to join him on nights out to parties - Hunter made sure to get parental permission before risking his reputation escorting minors to night clubs.

By the time she was 16, Cory and Cobra Snake were a couple, he could not take his eyes off her and she was happy to oblige, posing and partying as he snapped and posted photo after photo on his website.

Cory was required to intern as a prerequisite for graduation.

Suddenly, Cory Kennedy had European fan sites, people were desperately stalking her via My Space, and fashion bloggers were dissecting her wardrobe in each photo on The Cobra Snake's website.

Gawker dubbed her "The Internet ' It' Girl" and fashion mavens everywhere raved about her effortlessly chic yet stylishly disheveled appearance as "a cross between the Little Match Girl and the quintessence of heroin chic." At 16, she had invites to party with Lindsay Lohan and deejays paying her to show up at their clubs (sneaking her through the back to avoid exposing her age when asked for ID at the door).

Cory Kennedy and The Cobra Snake have definitely created a post-Kate Moss chapter to heroin chic, diluted by the following years of a boho luxe sensibility.

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