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Tempo S-l is the original and proven 800 channel synthesized hand held transceiver. The Tempo line also features a fine Ime of extremely compact UHF and VHF pocket receivers, They're low priced, dependable, and available with CTCSS and 2-lone decoders.

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WA5VQK IT^j Microcomputers and Your ^"Satellite Station — parti: calculating orbital crossing data , . WB8DQT A Brasspounder Improves Heath's HR 1680 — add a crystal CW fitter, bfo, noise blanker, and more KA5N The Dollar-Saver DVM — 3 Vi-digit unit features autopolarity, auto-zero, and a $30 price tag * . Its simple to operate and the high level of innovative engineering that brought forth the Amateur world's first hand held synthesized radio also designed into this compact beauty exciting performance and features at a very affordable price.

Mc Clellan Personalize Your Repeater with a Voice ID — low-cost design uses 8-track decks •m * -r ■ ■ i 1 The Nearly Perfect WE-800 — add an on-board charger, a TT pad, and . A price that also includes a ni-cad battery pack, charger, and a telescoping whip antenna.

The second and probably the toughest award of all to obtain is the Coral Award, which is issued to amateurs who visit Jordan and make a QSO from Aqaba. Forward this list, stating which award it is you are apply- ing for, along with an award fee of ten (10) IRCs to; JY1 Award Manager, PO Box 1055, Amman, Jordan.

While you have your beam in that direction, why not turn it a few more degrees and see if perhaps propagation doesn't allow a few contacts with our friends in Switzerland. * Has pre-amp for receiver portion to increase power and clarity of incoming signals. • Regulated voltage output as required by the FT 207R and TR2400 to conserve battery pack.

Let me start by explain- ing what the repeater reverse switch does: It AFTER h ORw A^ Acvcwse R7 R6 -I I I Fig. The top shows how to change your rig schematic to conform to the modification, and the bottom shows wir- ing.

simply reverses the trans- mit and receive frequen- cies of the rig when used in repeater operation For ex- ample, when you are using the local 34/94 machine, you are transmitting on 146.34 MHz and receiving on 146.94 MHz.

By throw- ing the repeater reverse switch, the rig would then transmit on 146.94 MHz and receive on 146.34 MHz.

Imagine the following situation: You are mobile and have just contacted a friend on a long-range repeater, but wish to go to a different simplex fre- quency to continue the QSO so as not to tie up the machine.

Each entry must also include the date and time in GMT, the band and mode of operation, and the and station worked.

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