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While the Prime Minister — yet another OE, of course — will be sensitive to criticism that Bishop Welby’s appointment will only increase the school’s dominance of the Establishment, his down-to-earth likeability should allay Mr Cameron’s concerns.

He had been a teenager when his well-off mother lost her money in investments made worthless after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and he remembered her giving him £5 and putting him on a boat from London to New York.

Once there, and still in his teens, he’d started trading whisky.

The child of a broken home (his parents divorced when he was just three), he went to Eton and Cambridge, then spent years working in Paris and London, climbing the ladder in the tough but rewarding oil business.

Then in 1989, at the age of 33, he threw it all up to enter Cranmer Hall theological college in Durham, and by 1992 he was a curate.

It was also at Liverpool that Welby collapsed in a fit of giggles during the reading of a passage from Leviticus which mentions a badger.

As a mark of their amused affection, the congregation later gave him a small carved rock badger which is now placed on the tip of his bishop’s crook. His mother was fashionable and attractive Jane Portal, who was Winston Churchill’s private secretary and a niece of the late Tory Deputy Prime Minister Rab Butler.One figure famously used company money to finance his multi-million-pound divorce.It was one of France’s greatest scandals, summed up by investigating judge Eva Joly in these words: ‘I see so many resemblances, in France and abroad, between the corruption of the state and mafias of various sorts — the same networks, the same henchmen, the same banks, the same marble villas.’A lawyer involved in the scandal says: ‘The effect on innocent young employees like Justin Welby when the truth emerged must have been enormous.Yesterday, 56-year-old Dr Welby — ordained barely 20 years ago and appointed Bishop of Durham only last autumn — was named the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England’s most senior post and spiritual head of 77 million Anglicans worldwide.As Damascene conversions go, Dr Welby’s story must be classified as positively Biblical.Kennedy to a 21-year-old Swedish mistress just weeks before the future president married society beauty Jacqueline Bouvier.

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