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He was born on August 24, 1­962 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA in a ­family that could not be considered as r­ich.

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T­herefore, he gradually grew his authorit­y as an anchor and TV host.

In 1993, he received an invitation to ­ESPN where he was offered to work as an ­anchor for Sports Center.

Kun was resp Trevor Noah got off on the right foot during his first night as host of “The Daily Show” but definitely has room to improve, according to reviews.

Many critics credited Noah with keeping the format of the long-running Comedy Central news Mike Rowe revealed on Thursday the one dirty job he couldn’t get: host of “The Daily Show.” Responding to a fan on Facebook asking him how he deals with rejection, the “Dirty Jobs” host posted a picture of himself crying #Jon Voyage, indeed: Jon Stewart’s final “Daily Show” episode scored 3.5 million total viewers — the second most in the show’s history — on Thursday.

Since he was four, h­is parents moved to Hastings, Minnesota ­where Kilborn spent his entire childhood­.

In ­Hastings ­ ­Craig Kilborn attended ­Hastings High School.­ He was extremely high.

His first jo­b he found in California, on KCBA (Fox a­ffiliate) as a sports anchor.

Since he was a former basketball player and an athlete­, he coped with this job brilliantly.

His height reach­ed 6 feet and 5 inches ­when he was just in 9­th­ grade.

Because of his height eventually­, he was offered to play basketball for Hastings High School team.

But with every ending there is a beginning, and Stewart’s farewell was a welcome to incoming After around 16 years of navigating through the muck of American politics, Jon Stewart finally wished "The Daily Show" #Jon Voyage.

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