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For more than three years, the harrowing circumstances of 13-month-old Poppi Worthington's death were hidden.Finally this week, following a campaign by the Daily Mail and other newspaper and media groups, they were allowed to be heard He is now said to have gone into hiding.On August 2, social services became aware that Mr Worthington had moved back into the family home.

But it was four weeks after Poppi’s death before they were examined by doctors, although no sign of injury was found. Experts said Poppi’s injuries would have caused significant pain that would have been apparent to the parents. Despite the extreme gravity of the charge, another officer, described as Detective Chief Inspector F in the report, but identified now as DCI Mike Forrester, would not permit even basic tests to be conducted, refusing to authorise forensic testing of any samples or items seized, apart from Poppi’s blood.

Dr Bitetti, whose report was not filed until July but who had filed an interim one in February, found no evidence of death by natural causes — such as a seizure or metabolic disease — in her report, either.

Other items not preserved for forensic analysis included Poppi’s pillow, her clothing, her parents’ bedsheet or any items that might have been used as part of the assault. The scene at the house was not secured and no reconstruction with the parents took place.

At a meeting held by Cumbria County Council on the day of Poppi’s death, a paediatrician with responsibility for safeguarding of children said Poppi suffered from chronic constipation and this may have accounted for the blood coming from the top of her legs.

He fetched a clean nappy from downstairs but did not change her, and got back into bed.

After a few minutes, he says, he put out his hand and touched Poppi and discovered that she had gone ‘limp’.

In December 2014 he suggested she might have died from a haemorrhage caused by infection.

Justice Jackson rejected this theory — there was compelling evidence to support the sexual assault allegation.

Justice Peter Jackson found in his judgment that Poppi died as a result of a penetrative assault inflicted upon her by her father and criticised police, social workers and the coroner.

The ruling was kept secret in order not to prejudice a future criminal prosecution.

But they were reunited and living together as a family by the summer of 2012 and were planning to move from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria to Kent.

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