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’ A recent online dating study ranked Egypt as the easiest country for men to find women online—not one of the easiest or even among the top 10, but actually the best country for online dating worldwide.

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Using a standard profile of a 40-year-old man, the Wogoal study tested the success probabilities of online dating in 60 different countries.

“In Africa and Asia, men have the best chances to meet a woman online,” the study revealed.

Thankfully, I was only approached by one inappropriate user and I blocked him immediately.

I literally couldn’t keep up so I muted the application to go to bed… So who was it that said, ‘We don’t have such things in Egypt?

I found myself in a dozen of those conversations in a few minutes.

And of course, there are some sick examples everywhere…

The bold step intimidated me; why would I give anyone my number after the first Hi?

Then, there was that too-polite guy who decided to start with “I hope my greeting finds you well my dear,” and another who kicked off with “Hi cute girl.” No need to say that this is where that conversation started and ended.

“Our problem also is that outings are expensive for most people.

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