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Also, the intent is to hold the forums when people are still on the island — not in February.

Then it was time for the first unpleasant surprise.

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BIPCo is also expected to file a rate case (on or about July 1, 2016), which the PUC has nine months to decide.

Among the interests of all stakeholders is keeping the cost of the restructuring/rate case down, and so the EUTG, on behalf of the town, and BIPCo, have been charged with working together to come up with a plan so that certain things can be agreed upon before the case even gets to the PUC.

After handing out a lengthy printout titled “Electric Restructuring on Block Island,” Wilson-Frias said: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to read the whole thing.” Explaining the PUC’s role in the process, she said: “The Division’s job is to balance the interests of all ratepayers.” She said that there so far has been some good progress made at meetings at the PUC with Everett Shorey and Town Manager Nancy Dodge representing the EUTG and town, and Al Casazza and Cliff Mc Ginnes representing BIPCo.

The next step was “setting milestones,” Wilson-Frias said.

There may be larger number of customers that may be restored before we get to the Wakefield substation, but it is a priority.” Graves said that National Grid was contractually obligated to service Block Island customers.

“So if we breach that through malfeasance or whatever you want to call it, we would be open to breach of contract suit and that’s not something we’re going to do,” said Graves.) As to the waiver BIPCo has requested, if it is not approved there could be additional costs charged to ratepayers, Wilson-Frias said.The PUC’s presentation touched on many topics, however, and of particular interest, were how ratepayers could become involved; the fate of the five diesel generators currently used to produce power; and what the rates might look like post-restructuring.When the transmission cable to the mainland becomes operational, and BIPCo becomes a power distributor only, as opposed to being both a power generator and distributor, the company must file a restructuring plan within six months of going online.“If BIPCo is required to divest, they don’t just give it away,” said Wilson-Frias.There may be “stranded costs” (such as depreciation and debt service on the generators) that will be passed on through a “transition rate” on the monthly bills.“It’s time for the town and BIPCo to be planning some concrete ideas.” Wilson-Frias was asked by a member of the audience if there is a consumer advocate.

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