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The Texas Reality Check will tell you monthly expenses and then factor in annual taxes and tell you the salary you need.

I find that this is a big help in not only saving and budgeting money but also how big your allowance needs to be if you expect to live off a sugar daddy alone for at least a year.

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As an aspiring sugar baby in Texas, figuring out what I want for a monthly allowance is a little difficult and time consuming.

Something I’ve found that really helps is taking two separate tests on the Texas Reality Check: one with a slightly ideal/slightly more luxurious lifestyle than what you need and one with a lifestyle that fits your needs perfectly with a tiny bit of wiggle room.

Not every girl is worth 20% of my income, and no girl will get 20% of my income.

Admittedly, that means I won’t have a Kim Kardashian on my arm (of course, she probably could command more than my entire income….).

You are worth whatever you think an hour of your time is worth.

You are considering this gentleman and the more time you spend with him, the more you are worth. How does Seeking Arrangement have data the average SB payment?

The chemistry was good and the allowance was 00 a month.

I’m still friends with the 2nd SB, and she still will say she misses me and that even though she’s had SD’s give her more money…she enjoyed our SD-SB relationship the most.

I know a lot of these profiles are fake (on both sides), but what exactly is the “right thing” to say in short that conveys the right message?

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