Dating a lane cedar chest Live sex cam manhunt

After all that hard work, I looked at the top and said to myself “self” what the heck am I going to do with that?I busted out my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and started to play.

I lightly sanded the inside and back of the cedar chest then refreshed the wood with cedar oil. She contacted someone from Art in the Park and together they figured out who we were.

Then Cathy worked her magic on the sewing machine and made some great fabric liners to cover the ugly, grass green felt they always put in them. I WISH I would have taken a picture of the inside and back to show you, they turned out SO nice! I can’t show you because it sold as soon as we unveiled it! A gal stopped by Art in the Park while it was raining and really liked it, but decided to come back later when the rain let up. She emailed me then drove up the following week to get it.

If it is a wreck and requires a lot of work, the value drops considerably.

If you do decide to sell it, take all this into consideration, set a price and if it doesn't sell, lower your price. If the price they offer is fine with you, then your sale is a success and both of you are happy.

Lane usually inscribes a 5 digit serial number that gives the exact date of production along with a style number.

Because so many of these were made between 1912 and the 1980's some of them are lacking serial numbers or have an exact science of determination of date outside of the style.

S government recomendations made by the lane company- altavista. The Virginia Maid Trademark was registered by Lane in 1948.

I.479.704-I.759.401-I.759.402-I.960.642I.987.018-I.999.960-2.019.083-2.023.4652.058.571It also says in accordance with U.

I contacted lane and they sent me a new child safety lock and key set to replace the original.

Lane will replace your lock and key free of charge for any chest built before 1990, I think that’s the year. You can identify the date it was manufactured by reading the serial number backwards:) The hardware was scrubbed just a bit so it would leave some of the natural patina. She told her sister about it when she got back to Chicago and like any good sister would, she told her to buy it. she hadn’t grabbed a business card and had no idea the name of our business.

You pulled a nail which is very useful for dating so examine this chart: having the nail in my hands or knowing the wood, I can safely say 1800 - 1825 because I know these chests pretty well.

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