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The line became extinct with Lord John Frecheville, the famous Royalist, in 1682.

Margaret Frecheville was the daughter of Arthur Key of Almondbury, year of her Majestys Reign [1586] did Will and Devise the yearly Rent charge of fifteen pounds per annum, which he, the said Francis, had to him and his heirs assurd forth of his Manor at Elmeton in the whole pr.

John had strongly fortified his mansion, had raised a battery of twelve pieces of cannon, and held out against the Parliamentarian forces for a considerable time before, in August 1644, he was obliged to surrender by capitulation.

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It was, no doubt, the original of this document in the Jackson Collection which led to the date 1572 being adopted by the brothers Lyson; it is however, an error and they were misled.sixth day of September in the three and thirtieth year of her Majestys Reign, between Margaret Frecheville Widdow, late wife of Peter Frecheville of Staveley in the said County of Derby Esqr.

deceasd, on the one part; and Edmund Stephenson, William Margerison and James Osborn on the other part.

John del Picke (Pike) parish to conterebute and pay the ffulle halffe pay for one horse everey daye which was wholy charged uppon our parish at the raite of 16d (pence) per day to the bakers that grounded at Georger Blaids mill for Generall Kinge his regiment.1645.

There were five men buried in the beginninge of October being slayne in a fight on Thorpe More betweene ye garrison of Welbeck on the Kings part & Captaine Rodes on the Parliament part.

Annum for the said Scollarships and four pounds yearly for the Relief and Succour of the said Soldiers.

It is not know when building began, but Sir Peter De Frescheville II placed above the door of the enlarged Hall a slab inscribed with his name, achievement of arms, and the date 1604.

To those who understand the rules and conventions of heraldry, this poses a considerable problem, since one would expect the coat of Frescheville alone.

As the arms stand, they represent the marriage of Margaret Kaye to Sir Peters father.

It must not be thought that Staveley was a school for paupers or the indigent.

The founders certainly intended it for the use of the parish and district; not for the poor alone, but for all those who desired a Latin education.

Margaret, wife of Peter Frecheville I, and grandmother of Lord John Frecheville, Baron of Staveley, has been given credit for her work for education, and in particular for her interest in the co-founding of the Netherthorpe Grammar School. Of pre-Reformation Grammer [sic] Schools Derbyshire possesses but few, and Staveley cannot claim to be one of them, though it is definitely of Tudor times and one of some ten in Derbyshire which still exist from this early date.

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