Dating a starving artist

But if his libido really gets you down, then it’s on you to address this issue together as a team – or get out and start fresh.

You didn’t say what kind of art your boyfriend makes or whether you believe in him.

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For the past three years I have been in a long-term committed relationship with a 54 year old man.

He is attractive, intelligent (college degree), funny, fit, has never been married, no kids but numerous very long term relationships.

He is affectionate, well dressed, and generous with gifts to me and kind deeds.

He’s also attentive to my kids & their lives, although by my choice, they have very little interaction.

I’ve been amazed at the speed, quality & ability that these so-called starving artists possess.

Seen here is one of the MANY artist that can be found throughout the “Old Town” area with a heavy concentration setting up shop on Duval Street or Mallory Square.He seems reluctant to take other jobs that take away from his art career… we are compatible and enjoy each other, but my libido far surpasses his…. It may be situational, but he may just have lower libido than mine.He’s not really a passionate kisser – except during sex – and I miss this I broke things off about 18 months ago for the reasons of lack of passion, concerns that he would never want to get married, etc.Let’s assume that he NEVER makes a dollar at his career.It won’t be hard to find a guy who wants to have sex more.Want to know what it’s really like to date an artist?

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