Dating an antique pocket watch

If so, then you will enjoy reading about these fantastic pieces of American history.

In many cases people have been left these old antique watches by their parents or grand parents.

There is also a direct link to them further down this page.

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That single fact alone bears testament to the longevity and creativity of their company.

There is little question that these wonderful time pieces have a high degree of quality and workmanship.

The majority of people searching online for information about Elgin have either found one or perhaps have been left one in a will.

They want to know more about it, especially the value.

Send us your antique watch for a cleaning and service (COA), repair, or for complete restoration.

All mechanical work is done on our premises in our shop, by the store owner and watchmaker, Rusty Tuggle.When you buy an antique watch, either wristwatch or pocket watch, from us at the Antique Watch Company, it’s like going into a store, 50...60...100 years ago when that watch would have been sold new.All of our antique wrist and pocket watches are restored to “like new” condition, whenever possible, WITHOUT altering the authenticity, original appearance, or quality of the watch.I have done a few articles on here about appraising these and how best to determine their value.If you search for those you will find them on the sidebar.The watch is then reassembled, oiled, a new mainspring is installed, and it is adjusted for time.

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