handey dating - Dating an ocpd

Not necessarily disorders, but people with those tendencies I guess you could say. Hi abacken OCPD seems to be the most common of PDs, but it rarely seems to be diagnosed.

It sounds like you're miles ahead though, because you admit you have OCPD, most I've known most definitely do not.

The type of people I guess someone with OCPD would get along best is someone with a narcissistic, obsessive compulsive, or dependent .

After we’ve finished eating, we usually like to hang out on the sofa and watch a show on Netflix.

But before that can happen, I need to wipe down the table with a paper towel and disinfectant cleaner. Charlotte’s gotten used to this, but I think that it gets to her from time to time.

And in the end, what’s most important is that we’re in love.

Perhaps love does conquer all—even a mild case of OCD.

I’ve never been formally diagnosed with OCD by a psychiatrist and I have my reasons for not visiting one.

However, I have spoken about my behaviors with a psychologist friend and he characterizes my OCD as mild.

Even if there aren’t any lingering crumbs from out meal. She’d just like to cuddle with me on the sofa, but I unfailingly get up, fetch the paper towel and cleaning spray, and wipe down the table.

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