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The fourteenth mark, the Classic Belleek trademark, is similar to the twelfth but includes Belleek's website address.The Belleek Living trademark was introduced in 2010 and is used on items from that giftware line. These early pieces are listed by manufacturer, such as Ceramic Art Co., Haviland, Lenox, Ott & Brewer, and Willets.

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Although the original plan was to replace the trademark every ten years after 1980, this did not work out and the next new mark did not come into place until 1993!

This blue mark was based on the old second mark but due to its small size and difficulty in firing it successfully, it was decided to replace it in 1997 with a second blue mark larger and with a new representation of the Wolfhound, Round Tower and Harp.

The fourth mark was introduced in 1946 with the only difference between it and the preceding mark was that the colour changed to green. Perhaps it was simply to have a different colour of mark.

However one explanation given was that a green mark was less noticeable looking at it from the inside of a Belleek piece!

Belleek is widely known for its association with Irish culture and decorative Irish cultural symbolism.

Named Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd., the ceramics firm produced parian china pieces that have a unique shape, a delicate ceramic body, and characteristic designs featuring Irish shamrocks, harps, punched out forms, detailed floral decoration, and other typically Irish motifs. John Bloomfield, an amateur ceramist, inherited land rich in kaolin, feldspar, and flint which would later be the site of the Belleek factory.

Belleek already had a large export market in the United States among the many Irish emigrants and they immediately saw the benefits of marking Belleek products with "Made in Ireland" This second mark remained in place until 1926 when Belleek introduced its third mark probably to coincide with the Wembley Exhibition of 1926.

A circle with Celtic knot work was added with the Gaelic words "deanta in éireann" meaning made in Ireland.

If the number is on the left and the letter on the right it is in the 1868-1883 range.

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