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The games bring also new elements of gameplay: mainly the possibility to grap to the border of the walls and an evasion move that you have to master if you want to defeat bosses.However, the major innovation came from introduction of elements from the famous M*gaman series.The game itself is basically a Turn-based RPG, where the goal is to defeat the bosses, each with their own weaknesses. First of all, the Pixel Hentai scenes are very good, and like many games in this style, there is a menu option for viewing them outside of the main game.

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I wouldn't say the game is too tedious, it's got its fun moments with great artwork to boot.

If you're here, it's for the great lewding of the To Love Ru girls. You'll have to do 6 to get rid of the stuff blocking the animation, then you can modify the animations by matching particular icons. The game is a normal Turn-based RPG, where the goal is to defeat the bosses in the heroine's journey.

The diaries are present again which is good because I am a huge fan of these books providing H scenes, lore about the stages, the bosses and the story...

as well as a challenge because some of them are not so easy to get.

Now after more than 6 months version 2.0 is still in the prologue with uncompleted game mechanics.

If the developer continues with that speed it will take years to finish version 2.0 of the game.The pixel animations are great and I'd love to see them again and again, but unfortunately, I don't know if there's an art gallery. The drawing is nice, and the scenes are also nice, but most of the scenes involving monsters can only be achieved if the players loses to them.However, there are other scenes that the player can get after fulfilling a certain requirement.There are also some crowns hidden in different parts of the games.If you collect enough of them you unlock new CGs (and lore).If want to buy the game, buy it for what version 1.0 delivers to you, everything else would be just a form of self betrayal.

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