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The sixth to eleventh centuries are a crucial formative period for Jewish communities in Byzantium and Latin Europe: this is also a period for which sources are scarce and about which historians have often had to speculate on the basis of scant evidence.

The legal sources studied in this volume provide a relative wealth of textual material concerning Jews, and for certain areas and periods are the principal sources.

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Yet perhaps more than revealing general tendencies towards "tolerance" or "intolerance", these studies bring to light the ways in which law in medieval societies serves a variety of purposes: from providing a theologically-based rationale for social tolerance, to attempting to regulate and restrict inter-religious contact, to using anti-Jewish rhetoric to assert the authority or legitimacy of one party of the Christian elite over and against another.

This volume makes an important contribution not only to the history of medieval Jewish-Christian relations, but also to research on the uses and functions of law in medieval societies.Key issues span healthcare (HIV/AIDS), poverty, environment, workplace development and youth education.MEMBER OF THE UN GLOBAL COMPACTAs companies continue to respond to the power of private citizens and their quest to improve society, they are also being forced to re-evaluate their partnerships and accountability of their contributions to the community.We want to be able to demonstrate behaviors people would see in the wild with the killer whales and their abilities as a top predator in the sea. You are cruel & INHUMANE #seaworldisbad #dontvisit Sea World Hy Tz Tgp — Lori Somes (@lori_somes) January 9, 2017 "Michael Saucedo: This is the saddest day in my life I grew up watching these shows… The vast majority of behaviors people have seen in our shows will be very suitable for demonstrating that." Now! Il realtà, l’importanza attribuita all’autenticità di quel telo appare esagerata, sia da un fronte che dall’altro.

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