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I know a lot of long-term natural survivors, but I don’t know of any long-term survivors who have used a ketogenic diet to heal. I am perfectly ok with being proven wrong, and if so, will freely admit it, but it will be at least 10 years before we know if this really works for people, long-term.I’ve seen studies where rats on a ketogenic diet lived a little longer, then died… And I’ve seen patients try the ketogenic diet and it fail them. Having said all that, if the plant-based nutritional protocol that I and so many others have used successfully to heal, did not work, I would certainly be open to try the ketogenic diet. Here is a short interview with Jonathan Landsman of Natural Health 365 in which Dr.This uneasiness persisted for many months and I could not shake it. There are thousands of people out there who have healed cancer naturally.

This is not a scientific rebuttal, quibbling over theories about Warburg, glycosis, cell respiration, and ATP, rather it is a thoughtful, well-reasoned reflection from a doctor who has been in the trenches of nutritional cancer treatment for nearly three decades.

His real world experience, insider knowledge, historical perspective and common sense put him head and shoulders above the lab-rat researchers and theorizers, no offense guys/gals.

Good, MD, Ph D, the famed “father of modern immunology” as he had been called.

It was late 1985 when the media broke the story about the next cancer miracle.

But by 1984 the magic bullet had misfired; now the articles were called “The Myth of Interferon.” Over the years, I had become particularly familiar with the interferon story since my boss, Dr.

Good, had done much of the original research linking it to a possible anti-cancer effect. Good quite well: during my second year of medical school, Dr.

Most natural cancer healing protocols involve a radical change of diet and lifestyle that includes overdosing on nutrition with juicing, lots of raw plant food, little to no animal food, supplements, and herbal cleanses along with detox protocols like coffee enemas, etc.

Those are all time-tested methods validated by a large body of long-term survivors. And until we have a substantial list of long-term survivors, I cannot in good conscience support ketogenic diet as a viable option for healing cancer.

Could this be another possible dietary strategy to heal cancer? Since then, many others have jumped on the bandwagon.

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