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Factory farming of animals will be one of the things we look back on as a relic of a less-evolved age.I say that Foer's ethical charge against animal eating is brave because not only is it unpopular, it has also been characterized as unmanly, inconsiderate, and juvenile.The story of the mass farming of animals had more impact on them when they realized it had ruined their own backyards.

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The human cost of factory farming -- both the compromised welfare of slaughterhouse workers and, even more, the environmental effects of the mass production of animals -- is staggering.

Foer details the copious amounts of pig shit sprayed into the air that result in great spikes in human respiratory ailments, the development of new bacterial strains due to overuse of antibiotics on farmed animals, and the origins of the swine flu epidemic, whose story has gripped the nation, in factory farms.

changed me from a twenty-year vegetarian to a vegan activist.

I've always been shy about being critical of others' choices because I hate when people do that to me. I've also been afraid to feel as if I know better than someone else -- a historically dangerous stance (I'm often reminded that "Hitler was a vegetarian, too, you know").

Heat for a couple minutes and then remove from heat.

Turn on your slow cooker and allow it warm up for about 5 minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes and cook uncovered for the next 2 hours. Remove from the slow cooker and serve with naan or rice.For types of vegetarian foods, see vegetarian cuisine. Such ethical motivations have been codified under various religious beliefs, as well as animal rights advocacy.For anatomically and physiologically plant-only diets in non-human animals, see herbivore. Other motivations for vegetarianism are health-related, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic, or personal preference.Add the tomato puree with all the spices into the slow cooker Add the lentils and pinto beans Stir well once and then allow it to cook on its own for 4-5 hours. German-based supermarket chain Aldi has launched a line of vegetarian and vegan products in their American stores called Earth Grown.Check out these seven easy recipes to help you go vegan.

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