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His wisdom helped inspire Fadal to write her down-to-earth new book “The New Single,” subtitled “Finding, Fixing and Falling Back in Love With Yourself After a Break-up or Divorce,” out Tuesday.

Part confessional, part manual, it provides practical tips for women on reclaiming their lives — and identities — when a relationship fails. Titus, a personal trainer-turned-entrepreneur, branched out into matchmaking when the couple moved to New York from Philadelphia in 2004.

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“It was important for me to come back to myself because I’d lost a lot of myself [in the marriage],” says Fadal.

She began with baby steps — like tossing the enormous king-size bed, which had never fit into their bedroom properly.

Legs shaking, eyes swollen from crying, glamorous WPIX news anchor Tamsen Fadal struggled to put on a brave face at the rooftop party thrown by her network at the Gansevoort hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District.

It was May 16, 2012 — the day that details were splashed in The Post’s Page Six of her impending divorce from dashing “love doctor” husband Matt Titus.

They tied the knot with an Islamic ceremony, the Nikah, and didn’t bother with a civil one.

They were happy until the pressures of married life and children brought a whole different reality to their lives. She forgave and tried to adjust her life, her views, and her tolerance levels over and over again. She became more spiritual and, in doing so, reached the conclusion that she did not have to tolerate his behaviour.

Instead, she cites “overwork” and “becoming more like business partners than life partners” as the reasons they “went in different directions and grew apart.” “You have hot moments which are publicized,” says Fadal, referencing an explosive argument in their office that made Page Six.

“But, after a while, the blame stops and it just becomes very sad and disappointing.” At first, she was so devastated, Fadal felt a complete failure at everything, not just her marriage.

“I’ve been talking about it for three months or so.

“It’s difficult when you’re a single mom and work long hours because I wouldn’t want to be unfair to the child.

“Every once in a while, I am sad that I am not a mother,” she says.

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