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I love deep and meaning philosophical conversations as much as the next person, but can we not talk about the latest episode of Orange is the New Black for once?They speak the language of love better than any other nation so it comes as no surprise that Cheryl Cole’s relationship with her French beau has seemingly taken a serious turn.

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It isn’t unusual to hit the shops with your four-legged friend. Top-end hotels are even likely to have their own canine menu.

Indeed in every village square, outside almost each bar and café is a well-maintained bowl of doggie water.

So here is why falling in love with a Frenchman isn’t all clichés!

If you’re falling in love with a Frenchman, or even think you are, then better take note of this one!

It took months of deep mourning before I awoke and realized that I was in Paris, it was springtime, and I was free to explore my fantasy of dating a Parisian. These men were used to dating elegant, size 0 Parisiennes. But not two glasses, and certainly nothing as extravagant as champagne.

He’d lived in my dreams for ages, suave with an intellectual flair. What were they going to think of me and my indelible California grin? Being Parisienne is all about being in control; those nonchalant hair-dos take hours to perfect. What my Parisiennes hadn’t warned me about was the dance.

Cheryl mustn’t be surprised if other femmes fatales make a play for Jean-Bernard.

My husband has had other women take his mobile phone and key their number into it, all while I’m standing right in front of them.

5 WORK-LIFE BALANCE Don’t try to put work before your love life.

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