Dating historic houses

Seven years later Lott died, leaving Ella with little but the spacious and stylish house.She made a living boarding teachers and bachelors, and was known for her home cooked food.

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From 1897 to 1933 it housed the local butcher shop, from 1933 to 1944 it was a grocery store.

In 1944 it became the home for Bud’s Barber Shop.

The New York Store, long a favorite mainstay of Buffalo, was established on this location in 1898 and did business continually until 1901 to June 1987.

This site is now on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

On the National Historic Register, this unique all second story cast-iron faade was constructed in 1895. Like many old West towns, the architect used the walls of the adjoining buildings for his side walls.

It was typical of the time to bring in pre-manufactured building facades to dress up local buildings constructed with native brick. Gatchell’s Drug Store was open for business here until 1987.

Also of import, this was the location of Buffalo’s first library and the second floor was used as an opera house.

A National Historic Building, Charlie King erected this building in 1919, and it was known then as the King Hotel. This red sandstone building was built in 1898 for Mrs.

The building has served as a clothing store and home to the Buffalo Bulletin, our local newspaper, for many years.

On the National Historic Register, this building of coarse red brick with a tan brick faade was build in 1917.

Lott’s home, one of the first physicians to settle in Buffalo. Lott came to Buffalo in 1879 as a physician at Fort Mc Kinney.

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