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We'd like to think there's still a fun, affordable night out without dreading it.And we can prove it with the following outside-the-box date ideas. Date Idea #1: Walk but don't talk Summary: Nobody will have the nervous jitters on this date.To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.

Get silly, be harsh critics or just eat so many fries you both feel sick.

The goal for the night: Find the best French Fries in town. If you happen to be looking for the best french fry in Dunwoody, save some time and head straight to Village Burger.

It's all fun and zero pressure, with just the right amount of structure to keep the conversation going and the good vibes flowing. Find out before the date, then map out all the places in your area that have that specific food.

Supplies: - A car - A notebook - Some cash (this is sounding shady but we promise this date is perfectly legal) How it works: Does your lover like pizza? Take your list, pick up your date, then hit the town.

Whether you get creative and set it up ahead of time or spontaneously choose a picnic spot, your date will feel special knowing you put some thought into your night out.

Dunwoody date inspiration: Try Takorea or Farm Burger for delicious Dunwoody take-out.

Even after the date ends, that restaurant will always feel special to your relationship. Date idea #3: Have a ball at the mall Summary: You'll feel like kids again on this high school-reminiscent date.

Supplies: each How it works: Pick up your date (if you really want to do this right, put on your old letterman jacket first) and head to the mall.

Date idea #4: A take-out night out Summary: Dinner a movie?

More like dinner and a good-luck-getting-a-second-date-because-this-is-so-boring. Instead of taking your date to a fancy restaurant, get takeout from their favorite restaurant. Supplies: - One large blanket or quilt - A bluetooth speaker, if you have it How it works: Order food from your date's favorite restaurant ahead of time.

Enomatic machines will keep you well supplied with wine and the hors d'oeuvres are great, too.

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