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Just like a well prepared red borscht, chlodnik is a delicious Polish food. Sweetness originates from natural sugar content in beetroot, whereas the addition of some sour milk, kefir or yoghurt brings a sour flavor about.

The sausage is called white sausage by the Poles (biala kielbasa in original) and is boiled in water before being added to zurek soup.

Since the Central European region of Poland and Germany is the homeland of many kinds of sausages, white sausage is quite unknown outside borders of these countries.

To sum up, both egg and Polish kielbasa are thrown into a plate with zurek soup. This great Polish soup is often eaten with some bread or roll.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the white borscht is a closely related soup.

Therefore, while visiting Poland, one will certainly come across many of them.

I wish you good luck in exploring Polish tastes and… in Polish: żur, żurek ♫ Zurek or zur is a very traditional Polish soup.It is specific to Poland, where it is known as zur or zurek, and a variant is known as barszcz bialy (white borscht)." — Wikipedia Barszcz czerwony is known in English as beetroot clear borscht, while Polish expression barszcz czerwony simply means red borscht.This traditional Polish soup is made of red beetroot juice.The third version of this delicious Polish soup is a red borsch with cream.This is one of those Polish soups I especially enjoy.The most typical and very traditional red borscht is served with uszka (read like ushka), a kind of stuffed dumplings very similar to Italian ravioli.

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