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Its borders are somewhat amorphous and have shifted over time, but the neighborhood's generally accepted area is around 3 square miles and has one of the densest populations in Los Angeles.In the 1920s and '30s it was very much a swinging spot for Hollywood celebrities, and was the location of the Ambassador Hotel, which hosted the Academy Awards in the '30s and '40s (and was also the site of the Robert F. In 1992 Koreatown bore the brunt of much of the violence and looting that happened during the L. riots, and many Koreans fled to the suburbs after the riots.At the first-come, first-serve boisterous barbecue spot, impress your date by searing strips of short rib () and pork belly () on the grill, then toast your delicious success with bottles of Hite ().

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Seek out artisan producers like the folks at Kaesung Market (1010 S. Andrews Place) where owners have been making kimchi for 35 years.

However, meeting new people the old-fashioned way has its benefits.

It is unique among Department of Defense authorized news outlets.

The sprawling urban grounds have everything for a citified fairytale: DIY dining, a coffee shop rendezvous, desserts for deux—and things stay open late. Get cozy by the fire on the alfresco (and blankets to cuddle) while sipping an espresso-spiked hot dark chocolate ($7.50) or a chestnut latte ($6.50).

And yet, it's also 100% Los Angeles: a strange, sprawling melting pot full of hidden delights.

Koreatown is west of downtown and south of Hollywood and is considered part of the Mid-Wilshire district.And the rest of the neighborhood's diverse population means tremendous eateries are tucked throughout.Korean spas are a lovely and affordable way to pamper yourself, and Koreatown has a whole slew of options.Korean spas generally have Korean cafes within, and many of those serve really great food, making them perfect all-day immersions.There are some amazing kimchi purveyors in Koreatown, stores that sell jars of fermented cabbage and other delicious banchan.Cooked over an open grill and wrapped with marinated onions and sesame seed leaves, the charred bites are best washed down with a side of .

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