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Also, different violinists look for different attributes.

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2010, I went to a hotel room so that I could spend one glorious hour with two Strads, a Guarneri del Gesù and three cream-of-the-crop moderns.

) Yes, during the Violin Competition of Indianapolis in Sept.

Modern test, in which the beginning of the Tchaik concerto was played on a Strad and on a modern fiddle. But it wasn't actually our task to pick the Italian in this study -- it was to pick our preference.

I was happy to serve as a guinea pig for this study; and I'm not a bad choice for the taste test.

I was not asked to identify specifically which was the modern violin and which was the old violin; only which I preferred.

If people are concluding from this study that "professional violinists can't tell the difference between modern violinist and old Italians," then I think we need a different study in which violinists are actually asked to identify that.

I've played the violin for 35 years; recently my regular violins were a modern fiddle (for some 10 years) and for the last five years, a mid-1800s Italian.

I've tested a good number of Strads and Guarneri del Gesùs, and I'm a competent violinist with a degree in music from Northwestern University.

But do violinists prefer one or the other, or can we conclude that all things are equal, based on this study?

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