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He is twenty seven times as likely as Jimmy to land a job which by his late forties will pay him an income in the top tenth of all incomes.

Jimmy has about one chance in eight of earning a median income (Bassis, 196). Life chances can refer to one's ability to get food and shelter.

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Robertson (192) contends that "this, in Marx's view, is the essence of exploitation, and the main source of conflict between the classes throughout history." Marx would argue that in an ideal economy, the workers would keep the surplus they have created as they transform raw material into finished products.

The existence of the middle class is problematic for Marx.

Whites have a lower proportion of people in poverty than other racial groups, but because there are so many more whites in U. society, their lower poverty rate still translates into larger numbers of poor people.

When one investigates poverty by age, one learns that children (under age 18) are most likely to be poor.

Poverty in the United States "officially" refers to people who fall below the "official poverty line." In general, however, poverty is a complex subject that depends on not only official definitions, but on the perspectives of people as well as the physical location of people.

One common perspective on poverty is to compare the percentage (or rate) of people in poverty from one group or another.The wealth of the few is the goal of every American. Poverty, however, is simply the result of individuals not trying hard enough. Marriage out of poverty is no more than a lucky roll of the dice.Generally, birth determines one's position in society.In a stratified society, inequality is part of the social structure and passes from one generation to the next.of the socioeconomic hierarchy are known as a social class (Bassis, 196). There is no social mobility from one caste to another. The lack of conflict can be explained, in part, because of the powerful position on the upper caste and, in part, by an ideology that justifies caste position. Caste membership determines your occupation, social interaction, power, and education.In the Indian caste system upper caste individuals avoid even the shadow of an untouchable.

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