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Because Lins has gambled on ‘yes’, she has performed with nine different bands at the Brudenell Social Club.Because of ‘yes’, she has played at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.“It was this excited gang of people who were seventeen, eighteen wanting to come here because of the music.” Lins, a teenager from the countryside, was suddenly living in a city where bands played seven nights a week.

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And I completely threw myself into it, going to two, three, four gigs a week.” One of these first nights at The Vine, Lins watched a supporting band play with so much ‘yes’ to their sound that stars bounced off the walls.

Later, in the toilet, she told the guitarist how much she had loved their music.

When Lins was seventeen she met Matt Bigland, a lanky, big dreaming musician, at a friend’s house.

They talked about their shared love of bands like Radiohead, Muse, The Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

Lins knew about the city’s music scene; as far as she could tell, it was a city where bands were built between friends who said ‘yes’.

She decided to join Matt and applied for a foundation year in art. “That’s where my musical relationship in Leeds started — with Matt B,” says Lins.

Ask her for help, and if she can she’ll say yes, so the sound of her ‘yes’ has filled basements and concert halls and festival stages.

It is a noise in transition; a note that expands and evolves with every new encounter.

She shares her self-assurance with the space so that we all feel calm and confident, and the air feels clear, so that things can happen.

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