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We don’t know who to follow.” I once again was deeply troubled – both by how they had been rejected by their families and with how they were stuck religiously with no where to go.

They left before I could get their contact info and despite my attempts to locate them, no one was able to put me in touch with them.

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If you checked "other" by #9 fill in the date of earliest probable enrollment in Lakewood: __/__/__ 11. __ The Mir __ Richie's Pizza __ Brisk (Any one) __ Yeshivat Rechovot (which Rechov _______) __ Merkaz Hatorah __ Traveling yeshivah boychik __ Did not learn in Israel __ Did not go to Israel 12. Address: __Boro Park __Just outside of Boro park __Flatbush __Just outside of Flatbush 3.

Name (the one used in school).________________________ 2.

I met such a couple over a year ago when I spoke in Rockland county.

This couple had been raised in one of the strictest Hasidic sects and did not feel that they could remain in it anymore.

College(s) Attended (you may check more than one) __ Brooklyn College __ Y. __T ouro College __ Darkei Noam __ United Talmudical Acadamy __ Lakewood Credits 13. Age (before shadchan twists it just a bit)________ 5. Did you go to every shiur on lotion hora and hisoriruse in your local neighborhood.

Second Language (you may check more than one) __ Yiddish __ Polish __ Hebrew __ English __ Hungarian __ Other_______________________ 13. Telephone number: __ At home of parents ____________________________ __ Where you usually sleep __________________________ 4. Eye color: before contact lenses ___________ after contact lenses ____________ 8.

================================== For office use only REJECTED: ACCEPTED: Evaluation: ___ Schmendricks ___ Schlamazle ___ F'nageler ___ Hot Guy, call my relatives ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFICIAL SHIDDUCH APPLICATION For Meidlechs 1. J.__________ Other __ (Don't bother explaining) 10.

S Other ______________ Submit 2 recent color photograph with this RESUME....... When married will you be: __ A housewife who will clean, cook good meals and not spend a lot of your husbands money. Does your father work in: __ Real Estate ___ Doctor ___ Lawyer ___ Jewelry __ Other (Specify _____________ ) 14. on books _______________ off books _______________ 15. ____ (if not, are you really serious about getting married? ______________________________________________ ----------------------FOR OFFICE USE ONLY--------------- ========================================================= REJECTED: ACCEPTED: Evaluation: ___ Zaftig ___ Zchloob ___ Miss Fit ___ Wow!

His story was so distressing to me because each group had failed him in a different way.

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