Dating royal worcester egg coddlers

The Ridway Group which consisted of eight factories lasted unted 1964. Their patterns are difficult to identify since the pattern names are not always marked on the backstamp. I have Corelle items in Dinnerware but look under Pyrex in Kitchenware and Glassware for corresponding patterns and pieces.Castleton China began in 1901 with the Shenango and New Castle Pottery Companies in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Dansk is a company that was inspired by Scandinavian designs.

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Some of their most popular pieces held Cambridge glass (line #6018 )compotes, salt and pepper shakers and other assorted glassware. The Federal Glass Company was located in Columbus, Ohio and was one of the major producers of "Depression Glass". Look under Glassware and Kitchenware to find their products.

I have quite a few pieces in the Windsor pattern (if you are looking for colored Windsor, look under Indiana Glass).

I variety of domestic manufacturers such as: Franciscan, Lenox, Blue Ridge, and Metlox.

I also offer a few foreign companies such as: Copeland, Royal Doulton, and Wedgwood.

Franciscan Pottery had several lines of glassware; such as Madeira manufactured by Tiffin and Cabaret, by Fostoria.

Look for these under the name of the manufacturer in Glassware.

I have several books on Blue Ridge but I am always looking to identify the unknown patterns that I list.

I have pieces from forty identifed patterns and a few unknowns that are listed under their shape.

The company is still in production today as a divison of Global Home Products with its headquarters located in Lancaster, Ohio. Herb Brusche, who worked at Bauer and designed some of their items.

You will find items from their Fire King line listed separately. Find pieces from his company listed separately under his last name. Blair founded Blair Ceramics in Ozark, Missouri in the early 1940s.

Most large Blue Ridge pieces are marked as Blue Ridge but some smaller ones are not. When Portmeirion bought the company in 2009, they retained the Royal Worcester Spode name.

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