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By April 1945 all three women had been incarcerated in an old porcelain factory in Freiberg, Saxony, for up to seven months.

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Incredibly, they and their tiny 3lb infants survived the horrors of the death camps, the brutality of slave labour and a final terrifying journey before being liberated.

None believed that any other newborn could have survived such an ordeal and astonishingly these three 'miracle children' only learned of each others' existence five years ago when they were reunited at an event for camp survivors.

The other two women's pregnancies were exposed in the coming weeks. Anka, not knowing that Auschwitz had been liberated by the Russian army three months earlier, expected to be sent back there to meet her death.

All three were saved by the fact that the Nazi regime was collapsing.

A Czech prisoner spotted her tiny swollen belly and became hysterical. Days passed before a guard quietly asked her: 'What do you need?

' By that stage Priska's feet, swollen and oozing pus from the cold and the rough clogs, had become her worst torment.

Yet unknown to Priska, who had conceived while living with her husband Tibor in Bratislava, two other pregnant women had also come face to face with Mengele at Auschwitz at the time. Rachel Friedman had been transported there from the Jewish ghetto in the Polish industrial city of Lodz; Anka Nathanova, the third of the women, was a former law student from Prague who had become pregnant while living with her husband Bernd in a 'model' internment camp in the Czech garrison town of Terezin.

Amid the almost unimaginable chaos that confronted them when they each arrived at Auschwitz, it is no surprise that the three mothers never met – or knew that others were also pregnant.

Her fellow prisoners pooled their precious supply of their one occasional treat – marmalade – and mixed it with a little water to make syrup for the baby.

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