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Elaine Aviles, the mother of two of Pagan’s sons, found herself cut off from her sons by Pagan and Remini.

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Like the other fixated anti-Scientologists she conspires with, Remini was expelled from the Church years ago for unethical conduct.

She begged to remain a parishioner, and has admitted the Church helped and supported her during most of her life.

In 1997, she launched a secretive extramarital affair with a married man (and father of a 4-year-old son), Angelo Pagan.

When Pagan’s wife at the time, Raquel, found out, she took her story to the Raquel Pagan also had real concerns about her son living with Angelo and Remini (who were eventually married in 2003).

Her reality show “Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money.” It is nothing more than a scripted, rehearsed, acted and dramatized work of fiction.

The production company has been forced to admit it pays Remini and her sidekick, Mike Rinder—someone the Church expelled a decade ago for severe malfeasance and a self-admitted propensity to lie.

Leah Remini continues to profit by harassing her former religion and its parishioners, spreading provable lies which generate hate, bigotry and violence.

As everyone knows from recent tragic events, including those in Charlottesville, Virginia, we live in a volatile time of accelerating hate and intolerance.

But it all blew up in her face when the LAPD took the extraordinary step of thoroughly debunking to the media Remini’s absurd claim within hours, calling it “unfounded.” Remini wasted valuable public resources in an attempt to viciously harass the Church leader’s wife, whom Ms. Within hours, what had been a gloating Remini turned red-faced with embarrassment when the LAPD closed the case.

Unable to admit or accept she was wrong, Remini continues unsuccessfully to try to spread her myth. Her false reports have nothing to do with a big heart.

Just as the production of Click here to see a list of hate crimes, threats and violence spawned by Leah Remini.

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