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There will be new alternatives to when and how we retire from our first (or second) career.

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Episode 4 – Understanding and managing your medicare benefits The 4th episode of New Age Aging focuses on Medicare, the federal health insurance program primarily for people 65 years and older.

- "Take the Mystery out of Retirement Planning" - U. - Get Rich Find daily postings on how to save, invest and buy wisely..ages. Launched by a group of young women with daily postings, how-to and advice about money, saving and buying wisely. Great resources here on most any money matter or legal topic.

- Social Security Administration at Find out how much in monthly Social Security benefits you will get at age 62 and beyond.

- National Association of Baby Boomer Women - News and information from every angle.

- - Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement offering "A Simple Guide to What Everyone Needs to Know About Money & Retirement" - - Women's Institute for Financial Education A great site for both widows and those who have divorced.

This episode covers many hard-to-understand aspects of Medicare including enrollment choices, coverage anomalies, enrollment penalties, Medigap policies, Part D drug plans, Medicare Advantage choices, plus much more.

See the Table of Contents for the video to view a full listing of topics mentioned in this episode. Episode 3 – Dating after 60 Growth-Works is pleased to release the 3rd episode of New Age Aging.

This giant insurance and investment management company offers a wealth of information about and for women interested in planning for retirement.

provides statistics and advice for women on many topics related to money including how to cope financially if you find yourself on your own.

This episode gives a broad view of what dating for older people might be like and how to begin this journey in a manner that is likely to meet with success.

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