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Then last year my Grandma passed away and within months, her sister passed away. It's a challenge gifting that many children, but oh so worth it :)To Santa's Elves: Thank you for being you.

So rare in today's world to see people who are down-to-earth and caring about their craft.

These gifts are truly something to be treasured and kept in the family to be passed on generation to the next generation.

Way to go Boeing retiree's for their time and commitment to the project and to Q for taking the picutues and for this website!

Q you are an incrediable guy thank you for your dedication to the troops, your dedication to this toy project for the kids and for such a great job building this web site for my Elfs. Were not done yet, God help us and I'll see you all next year. My parents are foster parents in Gresham and I help them take care of their 6 kids, and on the weekend 7 because my nephew stays over. I don't know if you've already reached your limit of families for the year, but if you still have space I know a lot of little munchkins that could use much spoiling and pampering for Christmas, the majority of them wont be seeing their birth family but we try to make each Christmas as positive as we can.

To all the Elfs for over two and a half decades of service and commitment to the kids at Christmas and the 911 kids in New York and The Pentagon in 20,the three 911 Healing Field you built, I thank you. I love what you all do every year (and all year long), love to see the photos as Q posts them--it shows the love you pour into this project and that love will be felt by those in need of it!! We've all had a rough couple years, and my parents kept on with their foster kids, even after my sister was killed, and my brother and sister-in-law were nearly killed 2 years ago.

One of the "SIGNS" of Autism, is the stacking or lining up of items. The older brother is more interested in video, so now Cayon has even more train cars. Louis Mike, Ted, Q, and Allen Thank You for all your hard work in getting all the Farm To Market trucks cut and assembled in time for our 30th year anniverssary and luncheon this year. Murph you and I have been cutting and finishing these toys for so many years, I couldn't do it without ya. I really miss Harold and dedicating these truck to him was pretty special.

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