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Transitioning from the offer to the actual date is actually quite simple…that is, unless you make it awkward.Yes, money is Thursday, July 18th, 2013 The real revenge of the Geeks and Nerds is here.

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“Feedback has been harsh, but needed,” said 24-year-old Joey Dauben of Grand Prairie, Texas.

“And that is why I will drop the dating thing completely.

No money for ‘dating me.’ But I’ll still accept your contributions as a friendly thing.” Last week, the Republican sent out a release trumpeting an innovative way to raise money to challenge incumbent GOP Rep. Dauben [pronounced Dobbin] suggested at $25 per date, donors could meet for dinner and a movie, play miniature golf or a combination of other “fun date ideas.” “They say the young candidates bring in fresh ideas, and I figured why not, I’m single, and I need quite a bit of money to meet my goals for this campaign against Mr. “A date with a congressional candidate at $25 is nothing compared to what major corporations wine and dine their pet politicians with.” While he did not provide specifics about the negative reaction he’s received, Dauben did say: “I apologize for those who have been led on, hurt, or who may feel like they have been taken advantage of by my words and actions.

Keep in mind that you will not expect anything less than full honesty from me, so also know that my conscience is absolutely perfectly clear in admitting my mistakes.” Dauben is a Messianic Jew and says he’s a Republican in the style of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

He already has an official campaign website, a campaign blog, and a personal blog on which he espouses his political beliefs.

He says he’s 100 percent pro-life, 100 percent against same-sex marriage and wants to allow private individuals to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

The discovery of radioactivity and its application to dating rocks is perhaps one of the greatest scientific achievements affecting the Earth Sciences.

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