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“Gerry, you are gone, the struggle continues,” many read.

After becoming split up in the confusion of passing through Carrefour, the entourage regrouped in Mariani, and then proceeded to Miragoâne.

Angry mourners carry the body of “Ti Charles” from Port-au-Prince Cathedral to the Presidential Palace after U. – Photo: Haiti LibertéThe mood was militant, even joyous, as thousands poured out of the Port-au-Prince Cathedral following the funeral of Father Gérard Jean-Juste on June 18. An angry gesticulating crowd gathered helplessly around him, watching his final tortured minutes of life.

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They merged with rara bands which had been circulating in the streets outside the church during the four hours since the service began at 6 a.m. The trouble began about two minutes earlier when five Brazilian soldiers of the United Nations military occupation force known as the U. Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH) had arrested a man with dreadlocks by the same south door, out of which Jean-Juste’s flag-draped coffin had emerged just minutes earlier. soldiers roughly led the man away, angry mourners followed them, shouting with outrage. bullets only increased the militancy of the June 18 mobilization, which was half a celebration of Jean-Juste’s life and half a rally for the return of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who remains exiled in South Africa over five years after the Feb.

The coffin had been loaded into a hearse and begun its journey to Cavaillon, the priest’s birthplace about 135 miles southwest of the capital. A few threw empty plastic “Juna” juice bottles, which are about the size of a tennis ball. troops pulled the trigger, Préval is responsible for this murder today,” said Lavarice Gaudin, the leader of Veye Yo, the Miami-based popular organization which Jean-Juste founded, during a stop by the funeral motorcade in the southern city of Miragoâne. 29, 2004, coup d’état that overthrew his government.READ MORE Rihanna's new beau is certainly up for a new challenge -- whether it's landing a smoking hot chick or lining up hundreds of cars to smash world records.READ MORE Rihanna was ON FIRE during Game 1 of the NBA Finals -- allegedly heckling Kevin Durant, bowing to Le Bron James ...Or sign up to get updates via our email subscription service.We currently offer feeds from the most-viewed sections of plus feeds for travel information from travel.RSS-to-email, social media publishing, RSS import tools or even your custom scripts can use Feed43 as a transparent proxy that magically transforms unstructured web pages into structured RSS that is easy to deal with.

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