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I grew up with both [cultures.]" Sanchez’s father, a Mexican-American Texas native and member of the U. Navy, has been kept in the loop on his daughter’s success despite being deployed in Singapore.

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News soon after Ryan Seacrest broke the bad news to him on national television. As in: yes, De Andre, sometimes you make us cry, especially when you rely so heavily on a falsetto that pierces our ear drums.

This just in: De Andre Brackensick is no Billy Joel.

I’ll nod if it’s no or yes,” Sanchez told fans during the interview. On the professional front, meanwhile, Sanchez may guest star on Glee this season.

After one asked if she had a boyfriend, Jessica answered in the affirmative, referred to Deandre by name and replied: “Hahah.

“It was after the finale during tour rehearsals before [the ‘Idol’] tour actually started,” she told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. If one of us has a problem or something and we’re not feeling a hundred percent, we like help each other.” In addition to the “American Idol” tour, Jessica is hard at work on her album. I’ve been recording songs for my album and I’ve been singing almost every night…it kind of takes a little strain on my voice.

Jessica didn’t hold back when it came to letting De Andre know exactly how she felt about him. But I’m still going strong,” she told Billy and Kit. It’s nothing like the actual TV show because we can actually relax and not look at each other as competition."I could be a one hit wonder,” Sanchez told Fox News Latino about why she will pursue her college degree.“I have to have a back-up plan.” She also said she dreams of visiting the Philippines and Mexico.Throughout his run on American Idol, which came to an end on last night's results show, Deandre Brackensick was easily the most polarizing contestant on season 11.And the long-haired crooner knew it, based on an interview he gave to E! The high-pitched American Idol finalist covered a somewhat random Eric Benet track last night, "Sometimes I Cry," giving critics far too obvious of an avenue to mock the contestant."I’ve never been out of the country, so I would love to go," she said.

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