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), because otherwise getting the webcam to work from within and without your local network will be impossible.

This is not a typo, it is a relative URL that will make it work "magically". Only processes started by the user root are allowed to bind to ports below 1024. It is generally not a good idea to run servers as user root, unless you really know what you are doing.

No software (and this statement also includes Octo Print) should ever be considered secure (although of course I do my best) and applications running as root on your system are potential attack vectors to really break stuff. because you want to bind it to port 80 -- see above -- and running it behind something like HAProxy is not an option for whatever reason), take a look at the super secret startup option First of all make sure that you are trying to connect with correct port and baudrate settings.

First of all: Don't even think about doing that without enabling Access Control!

I can't stress enough how important it is to SECURE YOUR PRINTER when you want to make it accessible from the internet (or any public/untrusted network for that matter).

You might also want to try another host software like Printrun to make sure it is really Octo Print that is causing the issue and not e.g. If you see something like when trying to connect, you probably are trying the wrong baudrate.

If you are running Octo Print on a Linux machine it is possible that you won't be able to connect at 250000 baud out of the box - note that Octo Pi supports 250000 baud.

You'll need to get your router to update the address every time your IP changes (look for a "Dynamic DNS" setting in the router settings).

If your router can't do it, you can also install on your RPi (see here).

If you configured HAProxy to make Octo Print accessible on port 80 (which you really should if you want to get the webcam stream to work too), you'll need to forward to port 80.

You'll also want to make sure you'll be able to reach your router/home network without having to know your current IP address.

In that case what you want is to restrict access to Octo Print via common means (outside of Octo Print) to establish network security. Well, contrary to what you'd first think it would not be enough to just refuse to display anything of the usual information in Octo Print's interface to anonymous users.

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