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In this example we will show how to create a Matrix Field for the total quantity.

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In this example there are the forecasts by Customer account. You can make a changes on any of the summary worksheets and click the Publish button.

The base forecast records will then be updated proportionally based on the current values.

In this example we will show how you can create Matrix Fields that allow you to update the data by period.

To create a period total matrix fields, follow these steps: Now return to the summary worksheets that were created in the previous step, and add all 12 of the new period Matrix Fields to the worksheets.

Demand forecasting needs to be accomplished quickly and efficiently, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Bidirectional connectivity pulls in data from your sales system and automatically exports the forecasted order information to your ERP system.Let’s take a closer look at Streamline features specific to demand forecasting: Inaccurate Forecasting may be more dangerous than not forecasting.Many forecasting products use “model fit” to determine which forecasting algorithm to use.All stakeholders are able to collaborate, ensuring an accurate, definitive demand forecast.A successful implementation requires the coordination of many moving parts.There are many factors to take into account when choosing a demand forecasting software system for your company.

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