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The incident resulted in a two-game suspesion for Barnes When Fisher was fired from the Knicks in February, Barnes posted a sharply dressed picture of himself on Instagram.

That didn't seem to bother Fisher, who was seen shortly after his firing boarding a plane with Govan.

Time may heal all wounds, but apparently, 16 months isn't long enough for Matt Barnes to get over the fact that his ex-teammate Derek Fisher is dating his ex-wife Gloria Govan.

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' Fisher, a five-time NBA champion, is no stranger to hard work on-and-off the court, but admits that dance training is a whole new game."I'm used to the long hours and the practices and those things, but ballroom is so different," he said. "So, we'll always have that bond no matter how far apart we are. "Yes, I would say Kobe because when I'm trying and don't get it right, you might catch an elbow or a push or a kick. After the show, be sure to head to Entertainment Tonight's Facebook page for After the Stars, our live DWTS reaction show, airing at p.m.

"It's really a mental test as well, and we have some great cast members that are great performers in their own right. It's an amazing show and I'm looking forward to all the experiences."One of those great entertainers is NFL star Terrell Owens, who's paired with returning pro Cheryl Burke this season. We'll have that bond forever." WATCH: Nick and Vanessa Lachey Reveal Who's the Better Dancer Ahead of 'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere One person that would be extra stoked to meet Bryant? Over the weekend, the red-headed beauty took to Facebook to answer questions about what to expect from #Team Hoops And Heels' first performance. This one right here, when she gets fired up, the elbows and the arms fly, the legs kicking out. She puts in the hours, so there's some Kobe love.""I would say Russell Westbrook too," he continued.

TMZ reports that Barnes had given Govan the Cadillac Escalade involved in the crash for use with their two children.

Barnes, a 14-year veteran, is currently playing in the NBA Finals with the Warriors.

Fisher and Govan—who was previously married to NBA player Matt Barnes, Fisher’s former teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers—have reportedly been dating since Oct. Fisher, 42, played for 18 seasons in the NBA, winning five titles with the Lakers.

He also had stints with the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks.

With two big name athletes going head-to-head this season, there's sure to be plenty of entertainment as these guys battle it out in the ballroom! We asked Fisher, "When it comes to work ethic and personality, who does Sharna remind you of? "I played with [him] in Oklahoma CIty, there's a lot of similarities there too.

MORE: NFL Star Terrell Owens Hopes Fans Will Get to Know the Real 'T. He's, like, really high energy, passionate performer.

Derek Fisher may no longer be with the Knicks but he is very much still part of a triangle.

The Fisher-Gloria Govan-Matt Barnes love triangle took another turn on Sunday when Fisher posted a photo of Govan on Instagram with her two sons from her marriage with Barnes while at the premiere for the movie "Angry Birds".

California Highway Patrol later determined Fisher had been drinking.

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