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She didn’t want the outside world finding out how corrupt the industry she loves so much really is.After the most recent HIV scare, Karen was doing television interviews and one of them I saw where she talked about her own personal situation.Especially Karen because she was knowingly infected by Marc Wallice with HIV back in 1998.

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Karen officially releases the statement that Brian was let go due to creative differences and Evil Angel wished him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

Because Mike rightfully so wouldn’t let go, Karen released this second finally admitting that they were not going to lie and finally admitting what Brian did by saying Brian played fast and loose with STD testing requirements on three separate occasions. You can’t lie about something that you never admitted to from the very beginning.

The reporter asked Karen about how she contracted HIV.

She didn’t name Marc Wallice but she said the performer who infected her fell through the cracks.

He went there to rape and thought he could slip out of town quickly without anyone noticing.

Venice, she says, is “fine” with her doing hardcore. I’m the hypocrite in this whole thing.” in candids when someone else did not prep her for the night. I’m not either but I’m not the one defending rapists and exposing my child to criminals.She also needs a new uncle for her son and that extra paycheck every week because I can’t imagine what this whore does with the thousands of dollars she makes a month from porn, Vivid appearances, and prostitution. She’ll find someone else with more money and/or better looking.And Jack will find a younger, prettier, thinner, and bigger doormat than Hanna.She didn’t say he knowingly infected her after he faked his STD tests.She didn’t say how he never spent a day in prison and nothing was ever done to him except banning him from porn.Throughout the entire interview, Karen had on her fake smile talking about how great the industry is filled with unicorns, rainbows, butterflies, and rainbows.

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