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There are countless Tumblr pages dedicated to the theory/Larry Stylinson fanfiction. The entire theory was speculation and remains that way now.

Zayn Malik talked about the Larry rumors in a 2015 interview, saying the rumors negatively affected Styles and Tomlinson's friendship, as they felt they weren't allowed to show any kind of affection toward each other out of fear of fueling more conspiracies.

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We can imagine the deafening screams that will erupt globally when One Direction fans read that headline. "For us, it’s important to make good music," Payne declared.

The fivesome is currently staging a British boy band invasion in the U. The boys claim that they can differentiate themselves from the pack of boy bands that are currently gaining steam -- hello, the Wanted and Big Time Rush! Brits are always a little cheeky, and One Direction carry on that tradition of humor.

Louis Tomlinson won the jackpot, with not one but TWO votes toward him!

Flame Demon: Rrr, what a vexing've caused me to lose my composure...

Flame Demon: And why exactly would I desire to do such a thing?

Flame Demon: I have no reason to believe in your words.

You could be lucky enough to date a member of One Direction.

In the interview on July 21, Tomlinson was flat-out asked to give his thoughts on the Larry Stylinson theory.

Did you ever want to go on a date with a member of One Direction? [ Related: Did Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Hang Out Like Old Times Thanks To The 1975 Concert?

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