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Distributor Biachem Ltd represents a number of major world-wide producers of industrial raw materials for marketing and distribution of their products in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.The main business in the UK is the importation and distribution of surfactants, chloro-alkali and bulk inorganic chemicals.Caldic supply a wide range of products to the following industries: cosmetics, toiletries, detergents, printing inks, adhesives, surface coatings, resins, plastic, food and pharmaceutical and metal surface treatment.

Distributor BOC has an industry-leading portfolio of packaged chemicals and related services such as water treatment chemicals, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, chlorine,sulphur hexafluoride (gas and recovery services), ethylene, packaged ethylene oxide,carbon monoxide, specialist hydrocarbons, pentanes,propellants and foam blowing agents.

We supply to a wide range of customers in both public and private sectors, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, utilities and personal care.

Blagden Specialty Chemicals supplies a comprehensive range of speciality chemicals for use in its chosen market sectors, particularly for personal care, health care, household, food, coatings and polymers.

Blending, mixing, breaking bulk and re-packing of powders and liquid products (including custom solutions) are carried out at both Speke and Littleborough distribution centres.

Organometallics, fine chemicals and infinite other chemical specialities to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Products are supplied on a scale from gram to multi-tonne quantities from a variety of sources around the world.

We provide chemicals, equipment and services to improve the management of water and fuel used for steam generation, process cooling and air conditioning and effluent clarification.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers to increase process efficiency, reduce downtime and drastically improve cost effectiveness wherever water is used.

A technical sourcing department with global contacts and network is available for customers’ needs.

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