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Rain Lily believes that an important part of providing quality services for victims is professional collaboration.

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Set up by the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW) in 2000, Rain Lily offers sexual violence victims a one-stop service around the clock, including pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections screening and treatment, forensic medical examination, psychological support and legal process support (statement-taking and court hearing).

At Rain Lily's one-stop crisis centre, victims of sexual violence can proceed statement-taking and forensic medical examination at Rain Lily while the 24-hour professional support call service offers urgent crisis support to the victims through coordination among healthcare workers, social workers and police.

Our counselors will follow through each case providing psychological support, psychological assessment, and counseling service to the victims.

Referral to clinical psychologists for assessment can also be arranged, if needed.

Based on common fallacious perceptions of the victims of sexual violence, especially when the aggressor is someone familiar, you may find it hard to accept the news for a while.

Sexual violence occurs more often in private, and it is very difficult for victims to find evidence.Rain Lily’s counseling groups are a platform for the treatment of trauma for clients.In the group, clients receive comfort and support from fellow “travelers” in a safe atmosphere to release negative emotions and learn how to stay strong on the way to recovery.This situation may make you feel complicated as to whether you should believe in her words. There must be concrete evidence before a complaint can come forth because even innocent people may not be convicted in the end, the ones being accused will bear great reputational damage." The physical and psychological needs and safety of the victim are the priorities that you most need to care for at this moment, and ensuring that the incident has sufficient evidence to maintain the reputation of the aggressor is beyond your grasp and not your own responsibility.When she faced sexual violence, her first response may be shocked, distressed, confused, her mind blank and unresponsive.Nature of cases that can be consulted in the Clinic: Calls to Rain Lily’s Hotline are answered by social workers and well-trained female volunteers to give information on immediate intervention services to sexual violence victims.

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