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Repeat the steps, moving onto a new link: put the first color (coral) on top of the second color (blue) and pull it out from under the 2nd link and over the top left.

Lay the second color (blue) on top of the first color (peach) and pull it out from under the 2nd link and over the top left again.

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, our unique, automated DIY dating Wizard will date your carte de visite or cabinet card. The Wizard is based on the detailed and extensive analysis of over 10,000 dated cartes de visite and cabinet cards supplemented by examination of trade directory dates for over 33,000 UK photographers and 65,000 studio addresses.

The Wizard will date photographs from any UK photographer but now also includes unique, detailed, specific sections for dating all photographs by the following major photographers The Wizard is simple – you just have to peruse the multiple choices and click where appropriate. The majority of card mounts were produced by a limited number of stationery printers who then customised them for a particular photographer by adding name, address, patrons, medals and various other individual requirements.

This will help to secure the images on even stronger and it gives it a nice glossy finish to everything.

When I made my DIY Wood Photo Block, I applied mod podge over the top of the image instead of the Polyurethane.

For more great gift ideas using pictures, make sure to check out my DIY Wood Photo Block, DIY Photo Tile Coasters, and the best method to transfer photos to canvas, my DIY Photo to Canvas Tutorial.

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Knot the all the threads at the top, leaving about 2 inches of slack.

Sandwich each set between a bobby pin – this will help you easily weave the threads through the links of the bracelet. Pull the first color (coral) from under the first link and over the top of the left side.

A few weekends ago was spent celebrating with my friend that will be moving away to San Diego.

So today I am sharing this personalized gift that a friend and I made for her.

Lay the second color (blue) over the first color (coral).

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