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Page Parameters is a simple object used to encapsulate URL query parameters.

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You can just as easily add a Panel to a Form as you can to a Page.

In the above form object, I've added a Text Field with a component ID of search String.

When you're learning a new technology or framework, it's helpful to gain an understanding of the terms and concepts, then move on to how the pieces come together.

Wicket only has a few core concepts to master, but once you understand them, you'll find the framework much more accessible. If you're a software developer, you're familiar with the concept of components: a reusable piece of software replaceable by another component meeting the same interface.

In Wicket, components are things like links, text fields and images.

However, components can also repeat a chunk of markup, wrap a border around another component or present an internationalized image. Extension can be simple: an anonymous class to link to another page, for instance.

If you have the same component component on several pages, like a search form, you can encapsulate it into an easily reusable component.

Components are added to other components, including a special type of component called a Markup Container.

Wicket forms have a default submit listener useful when the form only has one submit button: The on Submit listener is called after all form components are validated and model objects are updated.

In the above implementation, the form submits the search String to the List Contacts class using the Page Parameters object.

We'll look at both later in the example application.

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